Maintenance Report Form

It is important to House to Home Lettings that our clients can contact us even when our office is closed. If you do have a maintenance issue which is NOT an emergency please click here and your maintenance issue will notify our maintenance team. Someone will contact you within the next 24 hours.

 House to Home Maintenance Time Schedule

House to Home Lettings Ltd must attend and endeavour to complete within the below time scale.

CAT A – 4 Hours

• Gas leak

• Non contained leak

• Fire safety alarms

• Window restrictors

• Secure premises

• Lost keys/ unable to gain access

• Communal HMO lights

• Pre-turnaround

• HMO turnarounds

• Washing facilities

CAT B – 24 Hours

• Large contained leaks

• Blocked toilets – only 1 toilet

• Replacing door (HMO room doors or main doors)

• Complete loss of power

• Heating (1st November – 1st May)

• Trip hazards

• Hot water

• 1st rodent visit

• Occupancy checks

• Any hazard to occupant/property

CAT C – 3 Days

• Broken furniture & white goods

• Turnaround to be completed

• Small contained leaks

• Fencing/securing gardens

• Roofing (roof tiles)

CAT D – 7 Days

• Light in one room (if just a bulb SU will be charged)

• 2nd toilet blockage

• Mould

• 2nd rodent visit

• HMO inspections

CAT E / Furniture removal – After Restrictions

• Rubbish clearance

• Furniture Removal

• Any other works the deem to be non-urgent

If you report a non-urgent repair request which is to be undertaken as part of a planned programme we will write to you within five working days to confirm the timescale for completing the work.

Please Click Here to download a copy of the above schedule.

If you are suffering from condensation, please Click Here to download some advise.