House To Home Lettings Limited

  • Does YOUR Agent guarantee your rent each month or do you experience the same excuses as to late or no payments by tenants?
  • Does YOUR Agent charge you a large monthly fee and/or a one off fee for the privilege of them looking after your property?
  • Does YOUR Agent guarantee the condition of your property?
  • Does YOUR Agent offer you the support you need to ensure that your property is being looked after as you want it to be?

House to Home Lettings will:

  • Guarantee your monthly rent – EVEN if the property is unoccupied
  • We will NOT charge ANY monthly or One off fees
  • Guarantee the condition of your property against any malicious damage
  • We will carry out 4 – 6 weeks inspections on your property


  • We will carry out a FREE gas and/or electrical certificate on YOUR property. (sub to T&C’s)

We can lease your property for 1 – 3 years with guaranteed rent.

We accept all sizes of properties from Studios to HMO accommodations.

House to Home Lettings has experienced staff with a combine 22 year’s experience of lettings, property management and housing law. Important maintenance can be arranged without you having to worry about organising it.

If you are interested in renting your property out – HASSLE free guaranteed! Please contact our sales team on 01322 33 70 70!


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